Outpatient Services at Homewood Counselling Centre

The Homewood Counselling Centre provides outpatient services that allow you to find help and support without significantly disrupting your existing responsibilities and routines. Depending on your situation and schedule, the services that are right for you can vary in frequency and intensity while still providing powerful approaches that have been proven to help our clients achieve and sustain better health.

Of course, every treatment plan at Homewood Counselling Centre is personalized. We build your plan specifically for you, assigning the most appropriate members of our team and utilizing the specific services that will give you the best opportunity to make and maintain meaningful progress.


Effective treatment begins with understanding. We need to understand you, your situation, your concerns and your goals in order to design a treatment plan that gives you the best opportunity to achieve the kind of good health you deserve. That’s why every treatment plan begins with an in-depth assessment, usually during your first appointment. That assessment gives us the information we need to design a personalized approach. It also provides a valuable measurement tool that can help you evaluate your progress.


Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is the foundation of many therapeutic programs and can be a valuable strategy for addressing a variety of conditions and situations.


Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is for more than just for married couples. At Homewood Counselling Centre, we welcome all kinds of couples to couples counselling: married couples, couples preparing for marriage, co-habiting couples, dating couples, separated/divorced couples, business partners, artistic partners and any other form of partnership.


Family Counselling

Family counselling brings family members together for a series of group conversations with one of Homewood Counselling Centre’s counsellors or other healthcare professionals.


Group Counselling

Group counselling involves clients engaging in a series of collaborative conversations with a counsellor or other healthcare professionals.


Grief Counselling

Grief counselling – in either an individual or group setting – can help when your grief-related thoughts, behaviours or feelings move beyond typical reactions to suffering a loss and become persistent, unrelenting or begin interfering with your ability to live a normal life.


Recovery Management

When your primary treatment plan at Homewood Counselling Centre concludes, our priority is to sustain your progress by providing ongoing counselling support and resources.